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United Daughters Of The Confederacy Memorial

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    Ward Parkway at W. 55th St.


    1. Ward Parkway

    ~At the request of the United Daughters of the Confederacy,
    the UDC monument has been removed.~

    Artwork by: Richard N. Wakefield
    Dedicated: September 9, 1934

    This memorial to the women of the Old South was a gift to the city by United Daughters of the Confederacy, chapter 149 (Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson Chapters).  At the top of the shaft is the U.D.C. emblem with a wreath enclosing the letters U.D.C. and beneath the wreath are the crossed flags of the Union and the Confederacy with the dates 61-65.  Lower on the monument is inscribed the dedication:

    In loving memory of the Loyal Women of the Old South.

    Erected by Kansas City Chapter No. 149, United Daughters of the Confederacy. 1934

    On the reverse of the pillar, beneath the U.D.C. wreath and crossed flags is inscribed the quotation from Father Ryan’s “To the Flag.”

    ‘Tis tattered
    Broken is its staff
    And shattered
    And the valiant hosts
    Are scattered
    Over whom it floated high.

    On one flanking bench is the word “Courage” and on the other “Fortitude.”

    The monument was first located on the northeast corner of 47th and J.C. Nichols Parkway at the main entrance to the Plaza. In 1958 it was relocated to 55th & Ward Parkway.

    Description: Height: 9 feet
    Length: 18 ½ feet
    Width: 4 ½ feet
    A shaft of Indiana limestone with limestone benches on each side.  The base is of Missouri marble.