City gets a “High-5” for its Milestone FY 2012-13 Citizen Satisfaction Survey Results

City gets a “High-5” for its Milestone FY 2012-13 Citizen Satisfaction Survey Results

75percentimageThe City of Kansas City, Mo., celebrated a history-making achievement on its FY2012-13 Citizen Satisfaction Survey results today, Thursday, July 18, at City Hall. For the first time ever, an impressive 75.2 percent of residents rated Kansas City, Mo., as an “excellent” or “good” place to live. This is the highest score ever reached, and it marks a dramatic 5.4 percent increase since last year’s survey alone.

“The increase in citizen satisfaction is a direct reflection of the good work and strategic focus of our manager and the entire City Council to emphasize the importance of customer service in City business,” said Mayor Sly James. “That said, this is truly our City employees’ accomplishment. They do the daily hard work of making this city the great place that it is.”

To celebrate this milestone achievement, City staff representing multiple departments formed a giant “+5” shape on Ilus Davis Park, symbolizing the collaborative efforts made by City employees who helped drive this improvement. Media snapped photos and rolled video from the roof of City Hall, where Mayor James and City Manager Troy Schulte shared this and other highlights from the survey results, along with a “High-5” presentation thanking City employees for their hard work. This presentation may be viewed at

“This historic achievement demonstrates the City’s continuous commitment to listening to residents and taking their input to improve Kansas City as a quality place to live, work and play,” Schulte said. “Our City employees work very hard every day, and this new survey shows that those efforts are paying off.”

Following the celebration, the City’s Performance Management staff presented the results to the City Council during Business Session.

The City conducts the Citizen Satisfaction Survey annually to understand satisfaction trends that point to positive progress and areas that need improvement. Last year, the City Council adopted several indicators that rely on citizen survey data as part of their strategic priorities to help monitor progress on their goals and strategies.

This year’s survey, administered between July 2012 and May 2013, showed an overall significant improvement in City satisfaction compared to last year’s results, and an even larger improvement compared to the 2005 survey, the baseline year that most closely matches the current survey.

The survey revealed a major or significant improvement in 41 categories, no significant change in 18 areas and a decline in four areas. In addition, there were 35 new questions added or reworded on the survey.  Areas showing the greatest improvement included Leadership, Water Services, Parks and Recreation, and Solid Waste. Residents may view the entire report online at

The Citizen Satisfaction Survey was led by the City Manager Office’s Performance Management staff, who proactively work with City departments to address areas needing improvement. In fact, the International City/County Management Association’s Center for Performance Management has recently awarded the City with a Certificate of Excellence, its highest level of recognition for superior performance management.

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