Kansas City Zoo Welcomes Lion-Tailed Macaques

Kansas City Zoo Welcomes Lion-Tailed Macaques

Listen for the grunts, screams and yowls of the new monkeys who moved into Tiger Trail. Zoo guests will get a rare opportunity to view these endangered and unique lion-tailed macaques. Opened on June 13, these striking lion-tailed macaques are finding a new home in the recently refurbished tiger exhibit.

A troop of five lion-tailed macaques, one male and four female, came to the Kansas City Zoo from the San Diego Zoo and the St. Louis Zoo.

These cheek-pouched monkeys are one of the smallest and most endangered of the macaque species. They have a shiny black coat and an impressive silvery-grey mane that frame their face. Lion-tailed macaques name refers to the tip of their tails which somewhat resemble that of a lion’s tail.

Native to the rainforests in Southwestern India, lion-tailed macaques live in small groups and spend most of their time in the trees, they even sleep high up in the forest canopy. Their biggest threat is the deforestation – a mere 1% of their original habitat remains today.

The Kansas City Zoo is thrilled to have these rare and majestic creatures. Watch the lion-tailed macaques explore their comfy new home on Tiger Trail.

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