KC Parks Received TRIM Grant

The Forestry Operations Division of Kansas City Parks and Recreation received a Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance (TRIM) grant from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). TRIM grants assist Missouri communities with the management, improvement and/or conservation of their trees and forests.

Kansas City was awarded a $10,000 grant for tree removal and planting along city streets. The grant will be used to remove and replace mature Ash trees along The Paseo Boulevard as a pre-emptive measure for combating the Emerald Ash Borer.

The 41 Ash trees that will be removed and replaced are specifically located on The Paseo from the north end at 51st Street to the south end at 79th Street.

The Ash trees will be removed during April and May by in-house Forestry Operations staff and replaced during that same period under a contract with American Lawn and Landscape. The replacement species composition consists of 8 Valley Forge Elms; 9 Legacy Sugar Maples; 9 Shademaster Locusts; 5 Northern Red Oak; 5 Royal White Whitebuds; and 5 Shumard Oak.  The chosen replacements are more resilient to disease and able to withstand urban growing conditions.

TRIM is a competitive cost-share grant from MDC in cooperation with the Missouri Community Forest Council and U.S. Forest Service that provides up to $10,000 for community tree inventories, removal or pruning of trees, tree planting and educational programs.