Let Your Creativity Flow! Artists Invited to Draw or Paint Kansas City's Landmark Fountains

Let Your Creativity Flow! Artists Invited to Draw or Paint Kansas City’s Landmark Fountains

Area artists are invited to draw or paint one of Kansas City’s iconic water features as part of campaign to raise funds for aging fountains that are in need of immediate and critical repairs.

The non-profit City of Fountains Foundation is asking artist to submit their original works (no photography or digital creations) for an on-line auction to take place Sept. 2-16, 2013. Half of the proceeds from the auction will go to the participating artists whose framed creations sell on-line, and half to the foundation’s Wish Upon a Fountain campaign.

Artists may learn more about the auction campaign, including the locations of area fountains, and submit their favorite art for auction at kcfountains.org. Deadline for submission is Aug. 28. Works selected for auction will be displayed at a gallery location for public viewing while the auction is live from Aug. 2-16

Kansas City fountains with the most pressing restoration needs include:

  • Seville Light Fountain/Country Club Plaza
  • J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain/Country Club Plaza
  • Westside Fountain/ Summit and Southwest Blvd
  • William Volker Memorial Fountain/Volker Blvd & Oak St.
  • Delbert Haff Memorial Fountain/Meyer Blvd at Swope Parkway
  • Spirit of Freedom Fountain/ Cleaver II Blvd & Cleveland
  • Children’s Fountain/North Oak at Highway 9 in NKC
  • Seahorse Fountain (Meyer Circle Fountain)/Meyer Blvd & Ward Parkway

CONTACT: Joanie Shields (913) 908-7840 or Judy Stang (913) 645-6624