Corps Of Discovery

Corps Of Discovery

W. 8th St. & Jefferson, Kansas City, MO


In April 2000 a statue called “Corps of Discovery,” honoring the Lewis and Clark Expedition and created by sculptor Eugene Daub, was dedicated in a circular plaza at 8th Street and Jefferson in West Terrace Park. It depicts Meriwether Lewis; William Clark; Sacagawea, their Native American guide; York, Clark’s African-American servant; and Seaman, Lewis’ Newfoundland breed dog.


Carved in marble around the base: “Of courage undaunted and a fidelity to truth I could have no hesitation confiding the enterprise to him.” Thomas Jefferson 1813 Meriwether Lewis 1774-1809 William Clark 1770-1838 Sacagawea CA. 1787-Before 1829 Jean Baptiste Charbonneau 1805-1866.