Senior Social Club | KC Parks Programs

Senior Social Club

These clubs gives seniors the chance to socialize and play games in a relaxed environment. Times and activities vary from center to center, but wherever you go you’re guaranteed a great time!

Ages: 60+
Fee: Free
Duration: Ongoing
Location: Kansas City North, Gregg/Klice, Tony Aguirre, Westport Roanoke, Brush Creek, Southeast, Marlborough, Hillcrest

To sign up for Senior Social Club, please call your preferred community center, listed below.


  1. Westport Roanoke Community Center
  2. Kansas City North Community Center
  3. Gregg/Klice Community Center
  4. Brush Creek Community Center
  5. Marlborough Community Center
  6. Tony Aguirre Community Center
  7. Southeast Community Center
  8. Hillcrest Community Center