Youth Swim Lessons | KC Parks Programs

Youth Swim Lessons

Our instructors will teach you the fundamental concepts and skills related to swimming. Each session consists of eight classes; students are required to be present and demonstrate specific skills before moving on to a higher level course. Parents must be present for swim class.

Ages: 6-16
Session Fee: $40
Duration: Twice a week for 4 weeks OR Once a week for 8 weeks
Location: Gregg/Klice, Southeast, Tony Aguirre

FREE SWIM LESSONS! First Two Skill Levels, Youth Swim Lessons Only. Don’t wait until the last minute to register, classes fill quickly and must meet minimum enrollment levels to be held. Call your preferred center directly and register today!


  1. Southeast Community Center
  2. Gregg/Klice Community Center
  3. Southeast Community Center Indoor Pool
  4. Gregg Klice Community Center Indoor Pool