Park Event FAQs

CampkidsFrequently Asked Questions for Special Events in Parks

Q: Do I need a park permit for my event?

A: If your event is expecting 50 or more people, if you are bringing in any type of equipment into the park for your event, if you want  to sell, seek donations, or charge an admission fee, or if you wish to ensure no other organized event will occur during your event, then some type of park permit/contract is required.

Q: How do I request a park for my event?

A: Complete the Event Request Form (THIS IS NOT FOR SHELTER RESERVATIONS) and submit to the Parks Event Administrator.  You will be contacted within two business days of your request. All requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Requests for events in 2017 will be accepted starting January 3, 2017.

Q: How much will my event permit cost?

A: Park permit fees vary, depending on what is involved with your event. Refer to Park Event Permit Fees for detailed pricing/categories. Keep in mind, several other City permits may be required if your event includes tents, food, street closures, etc. If you would like to inquire about those fees, see the Event Permit Check List for City Department numbers.

Q: What type of payment is accepted, and when is it due?

A: Cash, check, money order or credit/debit cards are accepted.  ***Once you receive your confirmation; payment and and insurance (if applicable) is due within 30 days.  Failure to submit your payment in full, within those 30 days, will result in a lost reservation of park space.  Once your payment is made, refunds are not given if you cancel your event.  If you are requesting park space less than 30 days out from event date, payment will be due immediately upon approval of the event and you will have to arrange to come to the Parks Administration office to complete paperwork and submit proper payment.

Q: Does my park permit include a shelter?

A: Many of our parks have shelters, however, your Event Permit/Rental Agreement does not give you permission to use a particular shelter for your event. If the park you are interested in also has a shelter that you would like to utilize for your event, you must contact our shelter reservation line at 816-513-8931, to try to reserve it. Shelter reservations begin annually on the first Monday of March.  More information about Shelter Reservations and to reserve online.

Q: Is there electricity in the park?

A: No, electricity is not provided with your park permit. Generators, battery-powered equipment, or acoustic instruments are recommended if needing or wanting sound, etc.

Q: Are there restrooms in the park?

A: No. Portable restrooms are the responsibility of the event applicant. Once your event and park space is secured, the Parks Department Events Administrator can provide you with numbers of portable sanitary unit providers, if requested. It is also the responsibility of the event applicant if portable rest-rooms are ordered for their event, that the restrooms are removed as soon as their event is over. If portable restrooms aren’t removed, an additional fee may be incurred.

Q: Does my event require insurance?

A: If an event or rental agreement contains one or more of the following, general liability insurance of $1 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate, written on an “occurrence” basis listing the City of Kansas City, Missouri as the additional insured is required. Every event that contains one or more of the following must have an insurance certificate:

  • More than 250 people in attendance
  • Use of large equipment (tents larger than 10 x 10, staging, large sound systems, portable restrooms, inflatables, etc.)
  • Carnival/Animal rides
  • Athletic Activities (this includes organized walks, runs, etc.)
  • Use of Fireworks
  • Sale of concessions/Sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages (only certain parks allow alcoholic beverages to be served/sold)*

For example, wedding ceremonies, smaller information rallies or picnics will not require insurance, if they do not have any of the above mentioned items at their event. Insurance needs for commercial photo/film shoots are determined on a case-by-case basis. Download Insurance Requirements Letter.

*Nothing may be sold on park property with a standard permit/rental agreement. If you wish to have items for sale at your event, you or your organization must obtain a Facility Use & Concessions Agreement approved by the KCMO Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners.  

Q: What happens if it rains the day of my event?

A: Events are based on a rain or shine basis. Refunds are not given for inclement weather. Obviously, if it rains, several precautions need to be made by the event coordinator to protect the park grounds and for the safety of the event participants/volunteers. Always have a “Plan B”, for adverse weather conditions.

Q: What is the Parks Department policy on trash/recycling?

A: As part of your permit fee, the Parks Department will place additional trash receptacles in the park at your request. However, once the event is over, it is the responsibility of the event coordinators to remove all trash out of the receptacles and dispose of properly/legally. Recycling is strongly encouraged for all events, but mandatory for events that secure a Use and Concession Contract or any event with an attendance expecting over 500 attendees. Visit the  KC Parks Recycling Policy page for details. If the Parks Department has to come in after an event and clean up park or haul away trash, an additional fee may be assessed to event coordinator. The park should be left in as good as or better condition as before the event began.