KC Parks Day Camp Safety Guidelines

KC Parks has followed and continues to follow the recommendations provided by the CDC and Kansas City Health Department. The following is prevention and treatment methods outlined by the CDC for each of the 
Kansas City Parks Day Camp locations:

• We ask that all staff and/or campers stay home if they are sick.
• Cough or sneeze into a tissue or your elbow.
• Camp enrollment will follow the phasing recommendations. Each camp location has its own maximum capacity. We will use that maximum capacity to help us determine how many campers can attend based on the current phase we are in. Camp location maximum capacities could change weekly if phasing allows for it.
• We ask that campers to bring a water bottle with their name on it.
• Campers will be broken into small groups adhering to phasing recommendations. Staff will be included in the small group number.
• Staff will wash their hands prior to starting their work day with the campers and will wash their hands after any breaks they take.
• Campers and Staff will wash their hands every hour on the hour and after every activity.
• Staff will continue to follow all food handling policies by wearing gloves when preparing and/or serving any food.
• Staff will be provided face masks and are encouraged to wear them.
• Campers are welcome to bring face masks from home to wear.
• Hand sanitizer will placed around the community center for staff and campers to use as needed.
• Drop off and Pick up

  • Parents will drop off their camper(s) at the front desk check in area. The front desks staff will sign the camper(s) in.
  • A camp staff will take the camper(s) to the restroom to wash their hands then take them to their designated small group area(s).
  • Parents will go to the front desk check in area and show the front desk staff their ID. The front desk staff will sign their camper(s) out.
  • The front desk staff will notify the camp staff that a camper’s parent is there to pick them up and a camp staff will bring the camper(s) to meet their parent.

• Campers will put their belongings in a basket and baskets will be distanced properly based on phasing recommendations.
• All baskets will be sanitized after use.
• Campers will wash their hands before and after eating lunch and snack.
• Campers will remain in their small groups areas eat lunch and snack. Lunch and snack will be served in shifts based on the phasing recommendations.
• Group play for both indoors and outdoors will follow phasing recommendations.
• Staff will cycle clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces hours and/or after an activity.
• No electronics will be allowed.
• Summer Camp will not go off site for field-trips. We are looking into program enhancing activities and possible vendors to provide special activities at each camp location based on phasing recommendations.
• All swim trips have been placed on hold until further recommendations are provided.