KC Parks Aquatics Master Plan Update

KC Parks Aquatics Master Plan Update

A final report and recommendations for aquatics in Kansas City is expected to be completed in late spring 2023.

Aquatics System
Kansas City Parks and Recreation currently has 27 aquatic facilities that offer various water-recreational activities. These facilities make up the aquatics system, which includes: 

  • 11 outdoor pools
  • 13 spraygrounds
  • 3 indoor pools

Several of these aquatic facilities have closed due to poor physical conditions and/or staffing challenges.

Challenges that currently impact the aquatics system and play a role in the future of aquatics in Kansas City, include:

  • Aging facilities causing increasing maintenance and operation costs
  • Low and decreasing attendance
  • Diminishing revenues
  • Staffing enough lifeguards
  • Competing with more modern facilities in the area

Aquatics Master Plan Goals
The Aquatics Master Plan is being conducted to understand the conditions of existing aquatic facilities, while also planning to meet the needs of the community and improving operational and financial sustainability. The study includes indoor pools, outdoor pools, and spraygrounds and is focused on assessment and planning for these facilities. 

Key components of the Aquatics Master Plan study include:

  • Understanding the current physical conditions of facilities
  • Assessing operational performance
  • Gathering public input
  • Developing options and costs to address the identified needs