KC Parks Opens New Surf Simulator at The Bay

KC Parks Opens New Surf Simulator at The Bay

The BayRider Opens Saturday at south KC Water Park.

BayRider LogoThis weekend, Kansas City becomes the second city in Missouri to operate a surfing simulator in a municipal water park.  The BayRider opens to the public on Saturday, May 24 at The Bay Water Park, 7101 Longview Road, in south Kansas City.

“We are thrilled to add this unique amenity to the recreational opportunities already offered within our system,” said Mark L. McHenry, director of Kansas City Parks and Recreation. “It is a welcome addition that is creating a lot of excitement.”

The BayRider generates a thin sheet of water that flows over a stationary wave form. The resulting “wave-like” shape permits ride to slide down, carve a turn, and ride the wave surface emulating the maneuvers of surfing or other board sports.



The BayRider Single Specs
Size: 22′ wide x 49′ long
Capacity: 160-240 riders per hour
Weight: 350,000 lbs
Tank Volume: 40,000 gallons