NEWS: KC Parks Receives TRIM Grant to Develop a Tree Planting Plan

NEWS: KC Parks Receives TRIM Grant to Develop a Tree Planting Plan

The Forestry Operations Division of Kansas City Parks and Recreation has received a $25,000 Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance (TRIM) grant from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). TRIM grants assist Missouri communities with the management, improvement and/or conservation of their trees and forests.

The grant will be used to develop a Tree Planting Plan for the entire city, a strategy derived from the development of the Urban Forest Master Plan (UFMP) which was previously funded by a TRIM grant.

The aim of the Tree Planting Plan  is to make every citizen aware of our urban forest as a vital component of our city’s future, and to plant sufficient and diverse trees in the right places. The overarching goal is getting trees in the ground in the best locations while focusing on equity, costs, and distribution.

The plan will identify new areas of opportunity that have become open for planting, mapping and providing information on all possible planting areas, and prioritizing these areas in order to maximize tree canopy benefits. The plan will be developed using various computer models to give tree counts for large, medium, and small trees for planting based on parameter inputs into the models.The model also has the flexibility to plant only public trees, private trees, or both. Tree plantings are also prioritized based on the results of the priority analysis as trees will be placed in Very High and High priority locations first.

The Creation of the Tree Planting Plan will help to reinforce for city leaders and citizens that our urban forest is an important part of the infrastructure of Kansas City, and provide the political and financial support to invest in the urban forest.  It is essential to maintain this asset to the fullest extent, especially to prepare for the sharp increase in 100+ degree days expected in Kansas City over the next few decades.

TRIM is a competitive, cost-share tree care program administered by the Department and the Missouri Community Forest Council. The program provides funds to assist government agencies, public schools, and nonprofit groups with the management, improvement, or conservation of trees on public lands.

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