Make a Difference While You Distance

Make a Difference While You Distance

Stay active and make KC better together — even while we’re apart. 

The City of Kansas City Missouri Parks and Recreation Department is asking everyone to Make a Difference While You Distance during the City’s Safer at Home Covid-19 Guidelines. Park use has exponentially increased during the pandemic, and unfortunately, the amount of loose litter has too. So next time you or your family head out to a park, trail, or take a walk along one of the beautiful boulevards, we hope you’ll consider taking a bag and gloves to pick up litter along the way. Imagine the difference we could make if every resident collected just one bag of litter! 

Here’s how you can help: 

  1. Take a bag and gloves on your next outing. If you don’t have supplies, contact and we can coordinate a contact-free pick up with you. 
  2.  Pick up litter following the safety guidelines below. Place bag in nearest trash can or next to the receptacle closest to the street for KC Parks staff to haul away. 
  3. Share photos on social media with #KCParks. Then challenge your friends! 
  4. Send your photo and location of your trash to:
  5. Repeat. Follow steps 1-4 on your next outing. It’s a healthy habit to create.

Where You Can Make a Difference:
Help beautify your favorite park or explore somewhere new. These parks could use an extra hand: 
Blue Valley Park, E. 23rd St. & Topping Ave
Swope Park, Swope Pkwy & Meyer Blvd.
Kessler Park, Chestnut Tfwy & Cliff Drive
Penn Valley Park (near tennis courts, The Scout, around Lake), West 29th St. and Broadway Blvd.
Chouteau Greenway Park, N.E. 42nd Terr. & Chouteau Pkwy
Hidden Valley Park, N.E. Russell Road & N. Bennington Ave.
Pleasant Valley Park, 6401 N.E. Pleasant Valley Rd
Noble Park, E. 75th St. and Cleveland Ave. 
Indian Creek Greenway Trail, Stateline Road and W. 103rd Street

Litter Cleanup Guidelines:

  • Wear sturdy shoes (no sandals), and gloves. Wash your hands well afterward. 
  • Wear sunscreen and insect repellent when appropriate. 
  • Avoid working near roads or parking lots. 
  • Don’t overfill your bag—keep it light enough to carry. 
  • Look out for poison ivy or thorny plants. Don’t eat any berries or mushrooms you find. 
  • Don’t enter high vegetation areas (home to snakes and other wildlife) or bodies of water. 
  • Don’t pick up dangerous items such as glass, razor blades, syringes or needles, household hazardous waste (HHW), dead animals, weapons, and unlabeled chemical containers. 
  • If you find chemicals, HHW, or dead animals in the open, call 311. 
  • Please do not clean up homeless sites, but please report them by calling 311. 

Thank you for helping beautify KC Parks! We look forward to hearing from you! 

DID YOU KNOW?  Since launching our new volunteer program in April, dedicated KC Parks Ambassadors and volunteer groups have contributed more than 2,400 volunteer hours to help beautify our 221 parks and boulevards. Engaged residents are key to keeping our parks safe and beautiful. To date, their service is valued at more than $61,000. We hope you’ll join us!  More info.