New Segment of Briarcliff Greenway Trail Opens

New Segment of Briarcliff Greenway Trail Opens

On November 16, KC Parks and City officials joined with Briarcliff neighbors to officially open a new 1/2 mile segment of Briarcliff Greenway Trail. The new section incorporates boardwalks to preserve the natural habitat and beauty of the linear Northland park.

Briarcliff Greenway is a 41-acre Park, acquired in 1957, which extends between NW 36th St. and NW 41st Terrace.  The first trail section in Briarcliff Greenway was completed in 2012 north of NW 40th St. Extensive community input was received for this new section of Briarcliff Greenway between NW 40th St. to NW 37th Street. 

A design build approach was used to incorporate concerns of preserving the greenway, keeping construction cost low and increase delivery time on the project.

  • Project Scope-Paved trail and boardwalk to connect NW 37th St to the Briarcliff Elementary and the rest of the trail system
  • New Segment-.45 miles; Total Trail Length-1.43 miles
  • KC Parks Project Manager-Scott Overbay
  • Contractor-Mega KC
    • Field Superintendent-Andrew Richardson
    • Project Manager-Jimmy Peeler
  • Consultant-Cook Flat and Strobel
    • Lead Engineer – Jim Schuessler
    • Landscape Architect – Andrew Robertson
    • Senior Vice President- Sabin Yanez
  • Project Cost – $914,561
  • Funding-PIAC Council District 4
  • Council District 4 Team
    • Katheryn Shields, Councilwoman 4th District at-large
    • Eric Bunch, Councilman 4th District
    • Christina Hoxie-PIAC Rep
    • Jim Wanser-PIAC Rep

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