Covid-19 Impacts KC Parks Staff and Operations

The City of Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation Department is feeling the impact of Covid-19 in many ways. Our parks are being utilized in an unprecedented capacity at this time, which is awesome, KC Parks has more than 12,000 acres of green space, but with the extra traffic, comes extra trash and our crews simply are struggling to keep up.

Several of our maintenance staff have been impacted directly by the Covid-19 virus. Several Parks staff have had to self-quarantine for various reasons. We take the health and well-being of our staff seriously.

Covid-19 has also impacted our budget. Due to budgetary constraints, we are decreasing our mowing cycles by a combined total of six cycles across our parks, boulevards, and parkways. This will extend the time mowing between cycles to 3-4 weeks in parks and 4 weeks on boulevards and parkways. We know our open spaces are an amazing asset, and our Park crews continue to take great pride in their work. If you see a team member in the park and feel so inclined, please thank them for their service. We remain committed to our mission and it is with help from our community, that we will catch up. In the meantime, we ask for your patience and your help!

If you would like tools, gloves and bags to assist with litter while you are out and about, please email If the trash cans are full, put trash near the trash can and call 3-1-1.

Are you looking for a job or know someone who is? KC Parks has several vacancies.  Visit the City’s website for position details.

Citizen satisfaction with KC Parks remains high. At 60% citizens ranked KC Parks second, only behind the Fire Department for satisfaction. KC Parks wants to continue to serve its residents in the most effective and efficient way possible and keep residents happy with the service it receives while at the same time keeping our employees safe. KC Parks appreciates everyone’s support and help when possible.