Pastors in the Pool to Make a Big Splash

Beginning this Saturday, the Kansas City Urban Aquatics Council will begin Pastors in the Pool, a six-week program to teach urban core church leaders how to swim, water basics and water safety.  The hope is for the pastors to have conversations regarding water safety and awareness in their communities to help make Kansas City residents safer in and around water.

The first lesson will take place at Southeast Community Center on February 17 at 8 a.m.  The following Saturday’s lesson will be held at Tony Aguirre Community Center at 8 a.m.

“Pastors are always dunking us, it’s time for us to dunk them,” said James Sanders, athletic director for Kansas City Public Schools, who conceived of the program. Sanders was inspired by his pastor, Johnnie Fields of Christ Temple North, who learned to swim at 60 years old for a sermon series about conquering fear.

The weekly classes take place at Council partner’s pools across the city.  The program will culminate in an Underwater Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza on Good Friday. All church leaders’ congregations are invited to participate in the celebratory event.

Class schedules and locations can be accessed by going to