Place Type: Parkway / Boulevard

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Broadway (400 west) to Benton Boulevard (3200 east)
Grand Boulevard to Cherry St.
Broadway (400 west) to Jefferson St. (700 west)
Vine Ave. (1600 east) to Woodland Ave. (1800 east)
Wyandotte St. (200 west) to Broadway (400 west)
From the east line of Wyandotte St. (200 west) to the east line of Pennsylvania Ave. (600 west)
1 block, Harrison St. to west line of Troost Ave.
38th and Roanoke, Kansas City, MO
40th and Kenwood Ave., Kansas City, MO
41st and Locust, Kansas City, MO
45th and Kenwood Ave., Kansas City, MO
46th and Rockhill Rd., Kansas City, MO