Black Veterans Memorial

Black Veterans Memorial

12th Street & The Paseo

Dedicated: September  2010

Created by: Jocelyn Ball-Edson

At the north end of the site a polished granite monument commemorates the service of black veterans throughout United States history.

At the south end of the site, above the retaining wall of The Terrace, a large U.S. flag flies atop a 50’ pole set in a granite base.

A wide sidewalk down the center of the block links the monument to the flagpole and is lined with benches and ornamental lights. This plaza space is flanked on each side with a row of oak trees, the U.S. national tree.

PURCHASE A COMMEMORATIVE PAVER!  The middle of the walk is a 4’-wide panel filled out with dedicatory granite pavers, etched with the names of veterans and/or military units. These pavers are available for purchase to assist with the maintenance of the plaza as well as provide veterans, friends, families and organizations the opportunity to honor the soldiers who fought valiantly for our nation.

6” x 12”, paver $295 – OFFERED FOR A LIMITED TIME at $195
12” x 12” paver $375 – OFFERED FOR A LIMITED TIME at $275

Call 816-513-7503 for details. Download the Black Veterans Memorial Paver Brochure.


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Black Veterans Memorial