Bob Arfsten Memorial

Bob Arfsten Memorial

6301 Brookside Blvd.

Most Brooksiders remember visiting Bob Arften’s Dime Store. After hearing the ring of the bell on the door, one would find themselves walking down the traditional squeaky wood floors for hardware, supplies, toys, cards and a guaranteed personal greeting from Bob.

Bob Arfsten became a legend in Brookside. As the second generation owner, the Dime Store reflected Bob’s determination in keeping it a symbol of unhurried generation, where one can still by ribbon by the yard. The Dime Store was the first job for numerous teenagers in the neighborhood and offered an environment to use an actual cash register and addition, while humbly avoiding the reliance of bar codes and computers.

Upon Bob Arfsten’s death in 2002, flags at schools, churches, fire houses and the neighborhood’s front porches all lowered to half-staff. The front page of the Kansas City Star announced “the soul of Brookside” has passed away and hundreds attended the funeral service.

A corner of  Brookside Court Park has been beautified into a green space featuring a wood floor, reminiscent of the Dime Store, and a memorial to Bob Arfsten.