James Pendergast Memorial

James Pendergast Memorial

W. 9th St. & Jefferson St.

Artist/Designer: Frederick C. Hibbard

Dates: July 4, 1913


Historic Kansas City political figure James Pendergast was a First Ward alderman and the older brother of Thomas Pendergast who ran Kansas City’s political machine in the 1920’s. Tom had this statue of James, with two children, erected after his brother’s death, using taxpayers’ money.


Plaque West Side:  James Pendergast born January 17, 1856, Alderman of First Ward, 1892-1911, died November 10, 1911.  This monument is erected by general contributions as a tribute to the rugged character and splendid (sic) achievements of a man whose private and public life were the embodiment of truth and courage.  Moved and erected March 17, 1990.

Plaque East Side:  A tribute to the memory of James Pendergast. No man is no greater glory given than to have done his duty to himself and to his people; to have been beloved by the weak; to have been fearless in the expression of his views and true to every pledge and at last when the day’s work is done to have gone to his final rest, at peace with the world, and with his God, honored by the public he has faithfully served and mourned by the friends whose loyalty he has earned.


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James Pendergast Memorial