Poetry and Creative Writing

Poetry and Creative Writing

AGE GROUP: Active Aging

LOCATION: Brush Creek Community Center

Tuesdays, 10:30 a.m.
Fee: $5 session   |   $3 Drop-in   |   FREE with membership
With Michael Patton
Location: Brush Creek

Poetry Workshop will allow writers to create poems that will examine their personal life experiences.  The workshop will provide a forum for the writers to explore their experiences of living in a society impacted by issues surrounding Race.  For black writers they can explore what it is like “living while black” in America.  Non-black writers will explore their feelings about living in a society where Race dominates the entire culture.  Topics will include: The Black experience from segregation to integration, Defining the evolution of black identity, Why black history?, Hopes for the future, Disappointments in living in a “post racial America”, Societal rule changes concerning gender issues, Memories of times past that can inform the future, What it means to be an “identity”. Writers will create monologues or work with others to create dialogues to enhance the storytelling.  The hope is to create a body of work with a group of writers who have lived through historical times and share these reflections with people of all ages in the community.

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