Take the #KCTrashtag Challenge!

Take the #KCTrashtag Challenge!

WHAT (Watch the video>>)
Join KC Parks, as we challenge the residents to help clean up the city.  The harsh winter has left lots of trash and debris.

Starting Tuesday, March 26th – Friday, April 5th (EXTENDED THRU Sunday, April 7th)

Throughout Kansas City, Missouri in parks, trails, boulevards and fountain areas.

Because of the harsh winter, there is more trash than ever.  It has become a huge issue for our city.  Our staff has spent the last few months plowing the streets and picking up tree limbs and branches.  So now we are simply encouraging the city to help. Kansas City Parks and Recreation Director, Teresa Rynard, challenges everyone, including the Mayor, Council  and City Manager to help on this initiative, “It is going to take everyone pitching in to get all this trash and litter cleaned up.  If everyone would at least pick up one back of trash, it would make a huge difference.”

Step 1
Take a photo of a park, trail, boulevard or fountain area littered with trash.

Step 2 Put on gloves and pick up trash.

Step 3 Take a photo of the cleaned up area with trash bags—make it a selfie if you can.

Step 4 Post your photo and be sure to include #kctrashtag and #KCParks.

Step 5 Be sure to challenge a friend or co-worker to do the same and include their handle and @KCMOParks.

Step 6 Place bags along curb or by a trash can in the park. Call us at 816-513-7500 and let us know where to pick up your bags. Thank you!