Athletic Fields/Courts

Athletic Fields/Courts


Kansas City Parks and Recreation Athletic Fields/Complexes and Tennis Courts can be used the following ways:

Open Walk-on Play

First come-first served, no reservation required, although priority is given for those holding a valid Field Use Permit, Tennis Court Rental or Facility Use Agreement.

Field Use Permit

Short-term reserved use of fields/complex/ court. Fee required for permit.

Tennis Court Rental

Short-term reserved use of tennis court. Fee required for permit.

Facility Use Agreement

Long-term, reserved use of fields/ complexes by youth leagues and organized sports organizations; insurance and fee required. This option can be with or without concessions.


The following facilities/fields are under year long facility use agreements:

Blue Valley Athletic Fields

Clark-Ketterman Diamonds 1-4

Cleveland Park

McHenry Park: Call 816-587-0880 for field reservations.

Mulkey Square Park: Call 816-702-7248 for field reservations.

Platte Purchase Park Baseball Diamonds

Pleasant Valley Road Athletic Complex (excluding both multipurpose fields)

Satchel Paige Stadium

Swope Soccer Village: Contact Lucas Engle at 316-293-6769 or email : [email protected].

Tiffany Hills Sports Complex: Call 816-587-0880 for field reservations.

Waterwell Baseball

The following facilities/fields are Fall facility use agreements:

Frank Vaydik Football

Heim’s Football

Hodge Football & multipurpose

 Longview Tract Football

 San Rafael Football

 Waterwell Football

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