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The Green Book of Park Ordinances is a resource to facilitate accessing the numerous rules and ordinances which protect our parks and other public properties and is intended to aid in ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

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Scooter Usage
• People should ride in the streets, or in bike lanes where available.
• Do not ride on sidewalks. Riding a scooter (classified as a motorized vehicle) on a sidewalk is in violation of KCMO ordinance 70-253: No person shall drive any vehicle other than by human power upon a sidewalk, sidewalk area, park or public property, except upon a permanent or duly authorized temporary driveway.
• Use of a helmet is encouraged.
• Don’t park scooters where they block access to sidewalks or building entrances. Please park them near existing bike racks or in a micromobility hub when available.

Park Event FAQs
Recycling Policy

Dog in the park
Bicycle in park

Kansas City, Mo. Parks and Recreation frequently videotapes and photographs participants enjoying our programs, special events, parks and facilities. These images are used by Parks and Recreation and the City of Kansas City, Mo. in publications, on the web, for television/cable promotions, or to use as is seen fit. The images are used at the Department’s discretion and become its sole property.

KC Parks Partner Logo

KC Parks has developed a special logo for use by our partners. Color and shape variations are shown below. The KC Parks Partner logo should be used in all promotional materials, advertising and on your website for events and programs that are presented in partnership with KC Parks either by fee waiver or fee reduction.

When applying a KC Parks Partner logo to your project, please adhere to the following simple usage guidelines:

Do not alter the logo’s composition
Do not change the color of the logo (unless to all white)
Full color logos are the preferred option
When using any of the logo versions on your website, please link-back to the KC Parks website:
Contact Heidi Markle at 816-513-7527 or [email protected] for any additional questions or other logo formats.

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