Athletic Fields/Courts


Kansas City Parks and Recreation Athletic Fields/Complexes and Tennis Courts can be used the following ways:

  • Open Walk-on Play – First come-first served, no reservation required, although priority is given for those holding a valid Field Use Permit, Tennis Court Rental or Facility Use Agreement.
  • Field Use Permit – Short-term reserved use of fields/complex/ court. Fee required for permit.
  • Tennis Court Rental – Short-term reserved use of tennis court. Fee required for permit.
  • Facility Use Agreement – Long-term, reserved use of fields/ complexes by youth  leagues and organized sports organizations; insurance and fee required. This option can be with or without concessions.

The following facilities/fields are under year long facility use agreements:
9th & Van Brunt Athletic Fields
Blue Valley Athletic Fields
Clark-Ketterman Diamonds 1-4
Cleveland Park
McHenry Park: Call 816-587-0880 for field reservations.
Mulkey Square Park
Platte Purchase Park Baseball Diamonds
Pleasant Valley Road Athletic Complex (excluding both multipurpose fields)
Satchel Paige Stadium
Swope Soccer Village
Tiffany Hills Sports Complex: Call 816-587-0880 for field reservations.
Waterwell Baseball

The following facilities/fields are Fall facility use agreements:
Frank Vaydik Football
Heim’s Football
Hodge Football & multipurpose
Longview Tract Football
San Rafael Football
Waterwell Football


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