Pick up a Racquet and Celebrate National Park and Recreation Month

Pick up a Racquet and Celebrate National Park and Recreation Month

Pick up a Racquet and Celebrate National Park and Recreation Month

Plaza Tennis Center Welcomes the Community

July is National Park and Recreation Month. You’re invited to come visit the newly refurbished Plaza
Tennis Center. Plaza Tennis Center is open to players of all ages and skill levels.
In collaboration with the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department, the United States Tennis
Association Missouri Valley has become operating manager of the Plaza Tennis Center for the
duration of 2024.

The not-for-profit USTA Missouri Valley—which is headquartered just south of the Plaza Tennis
Center in Prairie Village, Kansas—finalized the agreement with the KC Board of Parks and
Recreation Commissioners in March.

Upgrades to the nearly 100-year-old facility that sits on parkland are underway, including the
resurfacing of all 14 Plaza Tennis Center courts, which were completed in June.

The majority of tennis played in this country is done in public spaces, making parks and recreation a
critically important piece of the United States Tennis Association’s work to grow the sport of tennis.

The USTA and the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) have formed a new
partnership, which will support healthier, happier communities throughout the United States.
Tennis participation has seen growth for four consecutive years. Tennis has been shown to have a
significant positive impact on the health of participants. According to multiple sources and studies,
tennis players on average lived an additional 9.7 years than sedentary individuals.

The collaboration between NRPA and USTA celebrates the ability of parks and recreation and the
game of tennis to foster active, healthy communities nationwide and promotes inclusive access to
recreational opportunities. The partnership comes on the heels of the USTA unveiling its new
purpose-driven mission statement — “growing tennis to inspire healthier people and communities

For additional information, visit Plaza Tennis Center’s website by clicking here.
Address: 4747 Mill Creek Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64112
Phone Number: 816-531-2235
Email Address: [email protected]
Facebook and Instagram at Plaza Tennis Center KC

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