Place Type: On Street Bikeway Mileage

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Broadway to Benton Blvd. on 12th St.
Wyandotte St. to Pennsylvania Ave. on 31st St.
Broadway to The Paseo on Armour Blvd.
Saida Ave. to Independence Ave. on Belmont Blvd.
The Grove south to Swope Parkway on Benton Blvd.
E. 58th St. to E. 59th St. on Blue Hills Rd.
Swope Parkway & Benton Blvd. to Elmwood Ave.
W. 36th St. to W. Valentine Rd. on Broadway Blvd.
Independence Blvd. north to Kessler Park on Chestnut Parkway
JC Nichols Pkwy. east to Montgall on Emanuel Cleaver II
The Concourse to Belmont Blvd.