Briarcliff Greenway Trail

Briarcliff Greenway Trail

NW 41st Terrace to N. Main St.

1.43 miles


Ribbon cutting scheduled for new segment on Tuesday, November 16 at 10 a.m.>> 

Phase 1 connects Briarcliff Elementary via NW 41st Terrace and also connects to neighborhoods at North Main Street and NW 40th Street.
School trail phase is just trails on school property that connect to NW 41st Terrace and North Briarcliff Road and Phase 1 trails.
Phase 2 starts at NW 40th Street and ends at NW 37th Street.

UPDATE 2/12/21: The Briarcliff Greenway Trail Design
KC Parks has awarded Mega KC  the design and build contract for the Briarcliff Greenway Trail. The concerns of the neighborhood have been heard and are being considered as the project moves through the design process. The trail characteristics and details are developing into a functional trail that will preserve the surrounding habitat and site amenities. Trail width is being reduced to 6 feet and trail color will be tinted to blend in with the surrounding landscape.

Ninety percent of the design will be complete by early March. The project is on schedule to break ground in mid-March with a target completion of July 31, 2021.

Where the conditions allow, an elevated boardwalk will be used instead of concrete to minimize any disruption to the native plants. The trail layout avoids trees and extensive grading where possible. The trail design provides a minimum 30’ buffer between the private property and the trail. Construction limit will be a 15 feet wide corridor. The trail will meet ADA requirements for accessibility.

UPDATE 8/13/20: The Briarcliff Greenway Trail Project is currently advertised for a bid opening on September 2, 2020.

UPDATE 7/29/20: The Parks Department received six bids for the Briarcliff Trail project.  All bids were rejected. The project will be repackaged and advertised for new bids.

UPDATE 5/28/20: The Briarcliff Greenway Trail has been advertised for construction bids to be opened on June 17, 2020.

UPDATE 4/30/20: Survey and preliminary design is complete.  Final adjustments to construction plans for bidding are in progress.

PIAC funding from 2018, 2019 and 2020 is allocated for continuation of the trail south of NW 40th St.

DESCRIPTION (see map in photo gallery or here)
This project will install a concrete trail approximately 2,600 linear feet long and 7 feet wide from NW 40th Street to NW 37th Street. The trail will be located on the west side of the creek and will have turf on each side of the trail.

Survey and Design: February and March 2020 (complete)
Bidding: April 2020
Construction:  May to August 2020




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Briarcliff Greenway Trail
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