Corps Of Discovery

Corps Of Discovery

W. 8th St. and Jefferson, Kansas City, MO

Artist: Eugene Daub
Medium: Bronze
Dedicated: April 2000
Park: West Terrace Park

This bronze heroic sculpture, titled “Corps of Discovery,” was dedicated in April 2000, coincident with the commemoration of Kansas City, Missouri’s 150th anniversary.  Created by Eugene Daub, the sculpture honors the Lewis and Clark Expedition and features figures representing Captains Meriweather Lewis and William Clark, Sacagawea (their Shoshone Indian guide), York (Clark’s African-American slave), Jean-Baptiste Toussaint (Sacagawea’s baby) and Seaman (Lewis’ Newfoundland breed dog).

It is placed in a circular plaza in West Terrace Park, originally developed by the WPA in 1943.  The pavement employs bricks salvaged from Kansas City’s original stockyards, set in a geometric pattern originally designed by Michelangelo for a Roman plaza (Piazza del Campidoglio).

Inscribed around the granite base: “Of courage undaunted and a fidelity to truth… I could have no hesitation confiding the enterprise to him.”  Thomas Jefferson 1813 (written as a memorial tribute to Merriweather Lewis).

Set in the statue base, adjacent to their respective figures: Meriwether Lewis 1774-1809; William Clark 1770-1838; Sacagawea ca. 1787-Before 1829; Jean Baptiste Charbonneau 1805-1866; Seaman.