Andrew Drips Monument

Andrew Drips Monument

16th & Jarboe, Kansas City, MO

Designer: Unknown
Dedicated: 1951
Park: Andrew Drips Park, North side of 16th Street between Jarboe Street and Belleview Avenue
Granite marker set in native limestone,  Height, 5 feet; Length, 7 feet; Width, 1 foot

Andrew Drips (1789-1860) was an American Fur Company agent, his Anglo-Saxon name appears with the French names on one of the earliest maps of the city (1840-1841).

This stone monument rests on land deeded to Kansas City in 1882 before the Park Board was created.  His daughter, Catherine Drips Mulkey, provided Kansas City with this first public park containing 0.162 acres.  Originally the land was known as West Prospect Triangle, and in 1951 was changed to Andrew Drips Park.

The plaque on one side of the monument shows the figure of a fur trader with an inscription.  The plaque on the other side shows the figure of an Indian girl, his wife Mary of the Oto Nation, with the following inscription:

Andrew Drips
Celebrated in the fur trade of the Missouri River and the Rocky Mountains.  Catherine, daughter by his wife, Mary, of the Oto Nation, was born at the Historic Battle of Pierre’s Hole, July 18, 1832.  Kansas City was their home from 1839.





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Andrew Drips Monument