Ethnic Enrichment Commission

Ethnic Enrichment Commission

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4600 East 63rd Street Kansas City, MO 64130
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    The Commission
    The Kansas City, Mo., Ethnic Enrichment Commission is a nonprofit (501 c 3) organization of more than 55 nations, ethnic groups and cultures. The commission was officially created in 1980 by Mayor Richard L. Berkley and Council member Vic Swyden. The commission’s voluntary membership includes the mayor, a representative of the City Council, the director of Parks and Recreation Department and a designated liaison and two commissioners representing countries, ethnic groups or cultures present in the metropolitan area. Our mission is to foster understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity in the area.

    *Encourage ethnic identity by promoting the preservation of ethnic culture, language, customs, music and folk dance.
    *Preserve ethnic heritage by sharing information on the city’s diverse ethnic heritage.
    *Coordinate and facilitate ethnic programs through appearances at schools, festivals and civic groups.

    Throughout the year, the commission is involved in hundreds of outreach programs appearing at schools, special events and parades, either as a group or through individual participation by an ethnic group.

    Outreach programs are the backbone of the EEC. Commissioners and their ethnic groups participate in classrooms and/or stage presentations in schools, businesses, trade and civic organizations throughout the metropolitan area and by special invitation throughout Missouri and Kansas.

    The outreach program committee serves as one channel of communication between the general public and the commission. The committee coordinates all requests for outreach programs, evaluates the feasibility and availability of members for participation in any proposed event.

    The presentations of the EEC are free, although the commission accepts donations to continue its mission to expand diversity to all corners of the metropolitan.The diversity of our commission members contributes to the mutual understanding and cooperation among all people.

    The Festival
    The Ethnic Enrichment Festival, held the third full weekend of August in Swope Park, provides our community with the opportunity to share food, music, dance, crafts and culture with each other. Begun in 1979, the Festival continues to showcase new foods and entertainment annually.

    For additional information or to contact a particular ethnic group or to coordinate an outreach program, please contact:

    Ethnic Enrichment Commission
    4600 E. 63rd St.
    Kansas City, MO 64130
    Phone: 816-513-7553
    Fax: 816-513-7715
    Email: [email protected]

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