Kemp Off Leash Dog Park

Kemp Off Leash Dog Park

E. 10th St. & Harrison St.

5a - Midnight every day

KC Parks fifth off leash park fills the need for a dog park on the eastern edge of downtown Kansas City, MO. Kemp Off Leash Dog Park is located south of 10th Street at the intersection of Harrison St.  There is an enclosed area for small, elderly or handicapped dogs as well as an area for large dogs. A doggie drinking fountain is located on the north side of Kemp Park by the playground. The park is free and open to all during regular park hours, daily from 5 a.m.-Midnight.
Parking: On Harrison St. north of 10th St.

1. Handlers enter off-leash area at their own risk.
2. Handlers must clean up after their dogs and dispose of all trash.
3. Dogs may never be left unattended and must be under voice control at all times. There is a maximum
of four (4) dogs per adult handler.
4. Owners are responsible legally and financially for the actions of their dogs. Aggressive dogs should not
be brought into the area, and any dog must be removed immediately if aggressive behavior is noted.
5. Dogs must be healthy and free of parasites, properly licensed, vaccinated, and not in heat. No puppies
under four months old are allowed.
6. Children 8 years and under are not allowed in the off-leash dog area; children ages 9-15 must be
accompanied by an adult. An adult handler is considered anyone over 16 years of age.
7. Dogs must be leashed when outside of the fenced area. Handler should have the leash in hand when
inside of the area.
8. No human food is permitted in the fenced/off-leash area. Handlers using dog treats must assume the
risk of safe handling.
9. Prong, choke and spike collars must be removed for safety reasons.
10. Handlers are subject to all applicable city ordinances






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Kemp Off Leash Dog Park
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