Penn Valley Skate Park

Penn Valley Skate Park

2900 Pennsylvania Avenue

Opened in 2006 as a 10,000 square foot skate park that sits on the west side of Penn Valley Park, Penn Valley Skate Park features include a square shallow end with metal coping, “clamshell” mid section with tile and pool coping. There is a euro gap, eight stair with handrail and ledges on both sides, big dirt gap with a small one next to it, a big four stair with a rail, picnic table, a hip, a 10′ deep huge bowl.

The skate park was expanded in 2012 as a Safe Spot, Skate Spot with the support of the Rob Dyrdek Foundation.  Designed by California Skateparks, a world-renowned skate park design firm, the revamped skate park features an additional 7,000 square feet that integrates tendonated elements from the 2011 Street League Skateboarding contest course into the preexisting skate park. The park also features new cantilever capped ledges, stairs, banks, quarterpipes and a fresh coat of paint bringing new life into the old elements of the original park.

The skate park is lighted.

Park Rules

1. The park is to be used for skateboarding and in-line skating only.

2. Protective equipment must be used at all times.

3. No skating when wet or rainy.

4. The park is drug-free recreation area.

5. Competitive or demonstration events require a permit. Complete an Event Request Form.





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Penn Valley Skate Park