The Pioneers

The Pioneers

4059 Broadway, Kansas City, MO

Artist/Designer: Tom Beard


This monumental sculpture of three realistic male figures commemorates the establishment of Westport in 1833 as a stop on the Santa Fe, California and Oregon trails. The monument honors these men who were instrumental in the development of Westport. John C. McCoy (founded and platted the town of Westport) is seated in the center and holds a map in his hand. Alexander Majors (a Westport business owner and partner in the Pony Express)is standing facing west and holding his hat. Jim Bridger frontiersman and operator of a Westport dance hall and saloon) holds a rifle in his left and and rests his hand on his knee. Pioneer Park also includes large terrazzo map embedded in the surrounding pavement.


James Bridger, John Calvin McCoy, Alexander Majors.


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The Pioneers
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