Riverfront Heritage Trail

Riverfront Heritage Trail

West along West Pennway across West Pennway to Jarboe Street continuing along east side of Jarboe Park over I-670 then along east side of Mulkey Square through Ermine Case, Jr. Park and West Terrace Park.

The Riverfront Heritage Trail is a fully accessible 15-mile bicycle and pedestrian pathway that begins at the riverfront and winds through the oldest and most historic parts of bi-state Kansas City. It is the first of its kind in Downtown Kansas City. It links communities, parks, and exciting destinations with unique new venues and dramatic public artworks. Historical markers along the Trail will create a journey through the early history of this region. As such, the Trail will enhance bi-state Kansas City’s historic, cultural and recreational treasures. The Trail helps our community gain access to our spectacular rivers, improve the community’s quality of life and stimulate economic development.




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Riverfront Heritage Trail