Spirit of Freedom Fountain

Spirit of Freedom Fountain

Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd at Cleveland Ave

Artist/Designer: Richard Hunt

A 5,000 lb. metallic free form sculpture sits on a pedestal in the middle of a retaining pool – elliptical in shape with raised platforms that support the sculpture.  Water pours from the base of the platform and there are six clusters of water jets in the interior of the basin.

Richard, Hunt, Sculptor.  This work was inspired by civic and community leader Bruce R. Watkins, March 20, 1924-September 13, 1980.  Dedicated September 13, 1981.

In 1977, City Councilman Bruce R. Watkins organized the Spirit of Freedom Foundation to develop a monument to the contributions of African-Americans in Kansas City. Richard Hunt, a black Chicago sculptor, presented an abstract model to reflect the symbolic nature of the subject. He also noted that it was in keeping with the improvisational aspects of Kansas City jazz. The fountain was dedicated in 1981 exactly one year after Watkins’ death.

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Spirit of Freedom Fountain
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