Westport Memorial Marker

Westport Memorial Marker

Broadway & W. 40th St., Kansas City, MO

Location: 40th & Broadway
Designer: Robert Merrell Gage
Dedicated: 1920

This monument is dedicated to the pioneer women of the town of Westport by the Daughters of Old Westport.

Westport, incorporated as a town in 1833 was the jump-off place to the Santa Fe Trail.  This was the business and commercial center of the area before Kansas City came into being in 1850.  Goods and people moved up the Missouri River to “Westport Landing,” hence through what is now downtown Kansas City to Westport.  At the time of annexation, Westport comprised the area from 31st to 47th Streets, from State Line to Troost except a small tract between 45th and 47th Streets, State Line to Holly.

A small plaque on one side of the boulder bears the words:
Daughters of Old Westport
1832  1920
Erected by the Daughters of Old Westport
in honor of the pioneers of Westport.

The plaque on the other side says:
To the Pioneer Mother

Similar markers are found in several other Westport locations.


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Westport Memorial Marker
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