Girl Scout Programs

Girl Scout Programs


LOCATION: Lakeside Nature Center

LNC can be a part of earning Skill-Building Badges and Journey Awards.  The following is a snapshot of amazing opportunities.
Fee: Fees: 1-10=$60; 11-20=$120
Duration: One to One 1/2 hours

Bugs: Badge
Outdoor Adventurer: Badge

Animal Habitats: Badge

Outdoor Adventures
Immerse your scouts in native habitats in the heart of Swope Park.  This 360 acre wooded area is laced with trails and is designated as an Environmental Study area by the U.S. Department of the Interior. 
Fee: $7/ scout, minimum fee $70
Duration: Approximately 2-4 hours

Map and Compass (limit 24)
Learn to use the compass as a tool with a topographic map to move through the forest from one station to another.

Geocaching (limit 24)
Learn to use a hand held GPS device to find caches stashed in the forest.