KC Parks Ambassadors Recognized by City Council

KC Parks Ambassadors Recognized by City Council

KC Parks Ambassadors Recognized by City Council

At the April 6th City Council meeting, KC Parks Ambassadors were recognized for their service to the city and for National Volunteer Appreciation Month with a courtesy resolution sponsored by Councilwoman Kathryn Shields:

Declaring April 2023 as National Volunteer Month and recognizing the outstanding individual contributions and collective impact of KC Parks Ambassadors in the City of Kansas City, Missouri.

WHEREAS, April is designated as National Volunteer Month; and

WHEREAS, the KC Parks Ambassadors are the recipients of the 2023 Missouri Park and Recreation Association Citation Award; and

WHEREAS, in 2022, KC Parks Ambassadors helped the department complete 354 volunteer projects and engage 5,041 volunteers in 9,659 hours of service valued at $289,287; and

WHEREAS, the environmental impact of their volunteerism in 2022 was significant, diverting several tons of loose litter away from waterways, removing several acres of invasive species from our parks, and recycling more than 3,000 pounds of littered glass that otherwise would have ended up in the landfill’ and

WHEREAS, the dedicated service of KC Parks Ambassadors has had a morale-boosting effect on KC Parks employees and has played a vital role in keeping employees focused on the delivery of essential city services; and

WHEREAS, their leadership has created a ripple effect that inspires KCMO residents and the broader community to also be stewards of our shared spaces; NOW, THEREFORE,


That the Mayor and Council hereby declare April 2023 as National Volunteer Month and recognize and celebrate the leadership of KC Parks Ambassadors and their positive impact on the City of Kansas City, Missouri during National Volunteer Month; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Resolution be spread upon the Minutes of the Council in testimony thereof and that a copy hereof be presented to the KC Parks Ambassadors with the Mayor and Council’s best wishes and many more years of growth and service to the Kansas City community.

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