Charlie Parker Memorial – Bird Lives

Charlie Parker Memorial – Bird Lives

E 18th St & Vine St Kansas City, MO 64108

Artist/Designer: Robert Graham
Dedicated: March 1999

Large face of Charlie Parker.  Green patina on face.  Trapezoidal base with brown patina.  “Bird Lives” inscription on base.  The face was not cast but was pieced together in a grid-like pattern.


Charlie “Bird” Parker Plaza

Mayor Emanuel Cleaver II

Board of Parks & Recreation Commissioners:  Ollie W. Gates, President; Sheila Kemper Dietrich, Commissioner; Anne Garney, Commissioner; Terry R. Dopson, Director

City Council:  Ed Ford, Teresa Loar, Jim Glover, Paul Danaher, Ronald E. Finley, Mary Williams-Neal, Evert Asjes III, Aggie Stackhaus, Ken Bacchus, Kelvin Simmons, George D. Blackwood, Judy Swope.

Robert Graham, Sculptor

In loving memory of Blanche Jones and Doris Jones-Stein.  Given by the Jules and Doris Stein Foundation, the Oppenheimer Brothers Foundation, and Tony and Marti Oppenheimer.

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Charlie Parker Memorial – Bird Lives
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