Loose Park Garden Center

Loose Park Garden Center

5200 Pennsylvania Ave Kansas City, MO 64112

Only horticulture or gardening related organizations with cooperative agreements can meet in the Garden Center building. Please visit any of our KCMO Community Centers to schedule your event at the community center location of your choice (depending on availability)

The Japanese Tea Room is permanently closed..

The Loose Park Garden Center was built in 1957 for meetings and horticultural exhibitions of various kinds. Information about the Laura Conyers Smith Rose Garden.

Loose Park Shelter Guidelines: Shelter Reservation information>>

  • Sales of any kind are prohibited on park property. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on public property. Ordinance 39,390 (Sec.26.25).
  • Reserving parties will be held responsible for the destruction of property. All signs or banners erected relating to this event must be removed.Shelter
  • Although every effort will be made to maintain utilities and shelters, service is not guaranteed when vandalism occurs.
  • Please help us keep our parks clean: Place all refuse in the containers provided.
  • Keep all motorized vehicles off the grass. Use driveways as provided. If no driveway is provided, no passage permitted.
  • No inflatable toys allowed. No playing ball in mall area.
  • Due to the Loose Trust for the park, Food Trucks are not allowed in Loose Park.  Groups renting the shelter may not hire food trucks for their event.
  • Shelter is limited to 150 people.

Several hundred couples are married in the Rose Garden each year.  Reservations are required. More information on weddings in the Rose Garden.

Tips about caring for your roses
Learn how to care for your roses Kansas City Rose Society.


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Loose Park Garden Center