Mill Creek Park Eco-Pond Fountain

Mill Creek Park Eco-Pond Fountain

44th Street and J.C. Nichols Parkway


Dates:  Dedicated June 11, 2004
Artist/Designer:  Jim O
Description: AKA Mill Creek Park Sanctuary

This water garden sits in Mill Creek Park north of the J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain and across the street from St. Luke’s Hospital.  It is along the walking path in Mill Creek Park.  There is an overlook to the east of the garden.

There are two small waterfalls that feed the pond and there is a variety of plants and trees in and surrounding the pond.  There are also fish swimming in the pond.  It is also a popular spot for animals such as frogs and birds.  There is a large informational placard placed in front of pond that points out what plants are what and how the pond works.


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Mill Creek Park Eco-Pond Fountain
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