Albert Elwood Shirling Sanctuary

Albert Elwood Shirling Sanctuary

Kansas City Zoo in Swope Park

Designer: Unknown
Dedicated: 1954
Park: Swope Park, south of west end of swinging bridge at the Lagoon in the Kansas City Zoo

Description:  A limestone monument with imbedded marble plaque 3 feet 6 inches by 2 feet 3 inches and two limestone walls projecting 10 feet each way outward from the sides.  A stone bench, located below the marble plaque, is part of the monument.

Mr. Albert E. Shirling was an instructor of Biology in the Kansas CityHigh Schools and a naturalist.  The monument was located in this natural setting in memory of his work.  Inscribed on the marble plaque is the following:


This tract is preserved in its natural state in memory of


Teacher and Naturalist – 1875-1947.  Here among the trees, flowers, and wild creatures of this woodland, he inspired an appreciation of nature, unspoiled and undisturbed.

Dedicated 1954

Burroughs Nature Club