The Concourse Fountain

The Concourse Fountain

Benton Boulevard and St John Ave

Restored by: Water’s Edge Aquatic Design
Installed: 2002

The Concourse Fountain is located at Benton Boulevard and St. John Avenue in George Kessler Park.  It is one of the three city fountains that runs year-round due to a special design that can help keep water flowing in freezing temperatures.  It was designed in 2001 by David Swartz of Water’s Edge Aquatic Design and includes several water jets with adjustable spray heights.  It was first turned on in 2002.

The Concourse Fountain replaced what had originally been a shallow pool built in 1939 used to sail small boats and as a casting pool.  A few small sprays of water were added to the pool in the 1980s.

The Concourse is one of two KC Parks fountains that remains on year-round.




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The Concourse Fountain
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