Alfred Benjamin Memorial

Alfred Benjamin Memorial

Starlight and Pavilion Roads

Location: In SwopePark at Starlight and Pavilion Roads southeast of band pavilion

Designer: F.H. Parker, New York Architect

Dedicated: May 29, 1927

Description: Height: 13 feet (ground to top of figurines)

Length: 28 feet

Width: 14 feet

Two bronze figures, representing the strong giving aid to the weak, are mounted on a rectangular stone base with a cut stone bench on each side and a drinking fountain projecting outward in front

Alfred Benjamin established a foundation of Jewish Charities in Kansas City.  He gave funds to build the Alfred Benjamin Dispensary, a medical clinic.  He also helped to establish a camp for Jewish children.

This memorial was presented to Kansas City by his friends.  Carved on the stone base beneath the bronze figures are these words:

In memory of Alfred Benjamin whose noble deeds are enshrined in the hearts of his fellowman. 

On the front face of one stone seat back is carved “Charity” and on the other “Humanity”.