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Week-long day camps at KC Parks Community Centers, March 16-20.

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Let’s make 2015 an active year.
Kansas City Parks and Recreation offers activities and facilities for everyone. With 10 community centers and over 200 parks we have locations convenient anywhere in the KC metro area. We hope in 2015 you choose to get out, get active and have fun at KC Parks!

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Valentine's Day Poetry Contest Winning Poem: Grades 7-8 Josephine Cotton, Grade 7, Indian Hills Middle School, Prairie Village, KSSeasons of a RoseRose shaking a handWhistling breeze swaying stemsSpeckled with sunshineRose under mountainsIn the gold of autumn skiesClinging onto sunRose chilled with crystalsDot of red in sea of whiteFragile as the moonRose bloom like magicSplittering splattering rainShining with cool drops#KCParks #KCRoseSociety #roses #ValentinesDay
  • Conserving the JC Nichols Fountain in preparation for 2015 Fountain Day on April 14. #KCParks #CityofFountains
  • Throwback Thursday} Look closely! Someone built miniature snowmen all around the Meyer Circle Fountain circa 2010. ‪#‎TBT ‪#‎KCParks
  • Snow hike
  • #KCParks Spring Break Camps! Week-long day camp for youth to enjoy while on spring break. Students will play team-building games, engage in healthy learning, work on art projects, and more!Ages: 6-13Session fee: $40Duration: 1 week (March 16-20, 2015)Time: 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.Location: Brush Creek, Garrison, Gregg-Klice, Kansas City North, Marlborough, Westport/Roanoke
  • Valentine's Day Poetry Contest Winning Poem: Grades 5-6Tara Lentell, Grade 6, Barstow School, KCMOOde to RosesOhhh! Roses, you are incomparable!Your sweet smell wafts through the air.I lift you to my nose, and it’s like I’m in heaven.The best gift of all to get on Valentine’s Day.Chocolates are fine, but without you Valentine’s would be nothing.On Valentine’s Day, I am presented with a rose, and I am blushing.Your perfect petals are a brilliant red, dazzling in the sunlight.Your petals have crisp edges, making your fine details stand out more beautifully.You are so fine I can’t help but stare.Even with thorns, you are the most delicate thing on the Earth.To me, more than a million is what you’re worth.I have four roses, but that’s not enough. I need more than eleven.I look around my house, and I see you every which way.You are beautiful all the time, sunrise to twilight.You are finer than any jewelry.I could have acres of you, and never have enough.I wish you would never wilt or fade.You seem so gentle while many plants seem rough.Ever since I found you, my love for you has never swayed.Roses, you are small and cute, yet strong and commanding.Nothing could hold a candle to you – you are outstanding!Ohhh! Roses, how I love you!#KCParks #roses #ValentinesDay #KCRoseSociety
  • ‪#Sun‬, ‪#sand‬ and #VOLLEYBALL‬! Spring registration open so sign up today! http://goo.gl/82YTfE
  • One of my favorite areas #IndianCreekTrail #kcmo #kcparks #nature #snow #creek
  • #kcparks #kcdogs #dobie #doberman #aussie #australianshepherd #mykid #kiddo #dogs #kcmo #kansascity #rescue #rescuemom #frozen