KC Parks News

  1. Let Your Voice Be Heard!

    The Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department would like your input to help determine parks and recreation priorities for the future. Please click the link below between now and August 1, 2014, to launch the 10-minute survey. Your thoughts and suggestions are very important to us!

    Take the KC Parks Survey Now.

  2. Buy a Painting- Save a Fountain

    Wish Upon a FountainArea artists are painting Kansas City’s iconic fountains this summer to help raise $2,500,000 for nine aging fountains that need immediate and critical repair. Artists will offer their fountain artwork to the non-profit City of Fountains Foundation for an exhibit and on-line auction that begins September 5. The paintings will be featured at Buttonwood Art Space, 3013 Main, for the month of September. A First Friday reception will open on September 5, from 5-9 p.m., showing interested buyers the actual paintings up close and personal and offer the public a chance to meet the artist.

    Bidding for the paintings begins September 5 at www.kcfountains.org . The bidding will continue until midnight September 25. Winning bidders can pick up their purchases at Buttonwood on September 29 & 30. Half of the proceeds from the auction will go to the participating artists whose framed creations were sold on-line, and half to the foundation’s Wish Upon a Fountain campaign.

    Kansas City fountains with the most pressing restoration needs include:

    • Seville Light Fountain/Country Club Plaza
    • J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain/Country Club Plaza
    • Westside Fountain/ Summit and Southwest Blvd
    • William Volker Memorial Fountain/Volker Blvd & Oak St.
    • Delbert Haff Memorial Fountain/Meyer Blvd at Swope Parkway
    • Spirit of Freedom Fountain/ Cleaver II Blvd & Cleveland
    • Children’s Fountain/North Oak at Highway 9 in NKC
    • Seahorse Fountain (Meyer Circle Fountain)/Meyer Blvd & Ward Parkway
    • Firefighters Fountain/ 31st Street between Broadway & SW Trafficway

    For more information please contact: Joanie Shields 913-908-7840

    DOWNLOAD Fountain Call for Artists

  3. North to south, east to west, Kansas City’s Trails Impress

    In 2008, Kansas City’s trails system comprised 25 miles of short, fragmented pieces. Today, the system has flourished, with 75 miles of long continuous trail segments throughout Kansas City. An additional eight trail miles are planned for completion in 2015. It’s no wonder Missouri was named the “Best Trails State” by national organization American Trails!

    Line Creek TrailEnjoy a walk, jog or bike ride through some of KC’s premier trails:


    Line Creek Trail: Walk or cycle alongside the wooded Line Creek while enjoying Platte County’s natural beauty.  This trail includes connections to the Line Creek ice arena and the Kansas City Northern Railroad, along with a Fixit bicycle service station at 68th Street. The Line Creek Trail was awarded the 2014 Capstone Award for Infrastructure by the Kansas City Business Journal, and was named a finalist for Public Project of the Year by the Economic Development Corporation. The trail extends 11 miles from the Missouri River to Missouri Highway 152 and beyond to Riverside, Mo. Parking is available at the Line Creek Community Center and at the trailhead at Waukomis Drive and Gower Road.

    Shoal Creek Trail: Another recent addition to the Northland, the Shoal Creek Trail extends from Happy Rock Park to Barry Road. Individuals will appreciate the quiet, natural beauty of the 10-foot-wide, 2-mile long trail, along with its proximity to activity areas, including Maple Woods Community College, Happy Rock Park, transit routes and Route 1 shopping. The trail also features a new pedestrian/bicycle bridge. Parking is available at Happy Rock Park.


    Riverfront Heritage Trail: Kansas City’s premier downtown trail, the Riverfront Heritage Trail, may be accessed at Berkley Riverfront Park, the City Market and the Westside and West Bottoms neighborhoods. The 15-mile trail extends from Kansas City, Kan., east through downtown Kansas City, Mo., passing many KC historical markers and public art exhibits. Visit www.kcrivertrails.org for more information.


    Indian Creek/Blue River Trail: This trail is ideal for bicyclists, dog-walkers and families, beginning near State Line Road and 103rd Street in the Watts Mill neighborhood.  One of the region’s longest trails, it travels west to Olathe, Kan., where it passes through several parks and playgrounds, making for a fun, family outing.  East of the state line, the trail meets the confluence of the Blue River Trail and continues south to Alex George Lake. Those who venture this path will encounter three train trestle bridges and some of the most beautiful views of the Blue River. Trailhead parking is available at the Trailside Center (9901 Holmes Road), the Watts Mill Shopping Center (103rd Street and State Line Road) or at Alex George Lake.

    Kansas City, Missouri ‘s trail system is developed and maintained through a partnership between the City’s Parks and Recreation and Public Works departments, and many volunteer organizations. For more information, please visit: http://kcparks.org/recreations/trail/

  4. KC Zoo’s “Postcard to Adventure” Program Begins

    The Kansas City Zoo has introduced the “Postcard to Adventure” program for residents of the Zoological District. This program alters the scheduled free days at the Zoo and provides more flexibility for residents to visit when it is more convenient. These free visit opportunities are being offered to all residents in Jackson and Clay Counties in Missouri as a thank you and one of the many benefits for supporting the Kansas City Zoo through the Zoological District. Every household in Jackson and Clay County will receive three free visit opportunities in 2014.

    The Kansas City Zoo is committed to providing free admission opportunities for Jackson and Clay County residents. The “Postcard to Adventure” program allows a range of possible dates to visit and the tickets on the postcard will allow easy access and quick entry into the Zoo.

    Each address in these two counties will be randomly sorted into a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday visit. Each ticket is valid during one of three months: July, September and November.

    Randy Wisthoff, Zoo’s CEO/Executive Director stated, “When discussing the free opportunity options with the community, the “Postcard to Adventure” method was the most requested. This option allows a family to choose a date and arrange their schedule accordingly. As always, our goal for each and every guest is a safe, fun and memorable Zoo adventure that leads to a closer connection with nature. Adventures at the Zoo are experiences to be shared with all families providing a lifetime of wonderful animal stories.”

    To gain free admission through this program, residents will be asked to bring their “Postcard to Adventure” FREE VISIT ticket with a current utility bill or photo ID. All family members who reside at that same address will be admitted with the person whose name is on that free ticket. All this information will be printed on the postcard.

    “Each person who arrives at the Zoo is going to find a safe and enjoyable environment. We want each person who leaves the Zoo to be smiling, laughing and sharing their photos and videos of the Zoo,” acknowledged Pam Mason, Clay County Commissioner and Chair of the Zoological Commission. “The Zoo provides an outlet for family togetherness helping to build a better quality of life for all residents. All of us can be proud of the new programs that the Zoo has implemented to increase the Zoo experience.”

    The “Postcard to Adventure” were mailed to residents in Jackson and Clay Counties in June. For more information on the program please visit www.kansascityzoo.org/postcardtoadventure.

    Kansas City Zoo is open 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. weekdays; 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. weekends. Call (816)595-1234, or visit our web site www.kansascityzoo.org for more information.

    The Kansas City Zoo, a private, non-profit organization, is operated in agreement with the Kansas City, MO Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners, partially funded by the Zoological District and is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. 

  5. Celebrate National Parks and Recreation Month!

    10483517_1468765616697943_891982428_nGoing OUT is IN this July: Month-long celebration highlights value of parks and recreation for local communities.

    Nearly three in 10 U.S. adults do not spend time outside on a daily basis and of those who do, almost half spend less than 30 minutes in the fresh air according to a new survey released by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA). That’s why this July, Kansas City Parks and Recreation and the NRPA are challenging everyone to get out and visit their community parks and facilities and participate in recreational activities during National Park and Recreation Month.

    This year’s theme, “OUT is IN,” encourages individuals, families, friends and coworkers to do something outside everyday that they would normally do inside. From picnicking in the park instead of sitting inside at a table to sending an email or even holding a meeting outside, there are small ways you can make going OUT part of your daily routine.

    To highlight this month long celebration, Kansas City Parks and Recreation will once again feature its nationally recognized “Park It Forward” social media campaign. For each day of National Parks and Recreation Month a corresponding “OUTING” will be announced suggesting a KC Parks-centric activity or facility. Each morning an outing will be posted to KC Parks social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). In the afternoon, a team of Parks and Recreation staff and summer interns will surprise random individuals around the city with a variety of prizes consistent with the day’s theme. The recipients will have their picture taken on the spot and that image will be shared and hashtagged with #ParkItForward, #KCParks and #JulyOUTisIN. Posts will be a clear visual representation of Parks and Recreation Month – and all that KC Parks has to offer.

    View the complete calendar of daily outings.

    About Kansas City Parks and Recreation
    Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation provides facilities, programs and recreational opportunities for the community that contributes to an aesthetically pleasing environment and enhanced quality of life. The department operates and maintains close to 12,000 acres of parkland including 220 parks, 135 miles of boulevards and parkways, 48 fountains, 87 ornamental structures, 10 community centers, 27 lakes, 100+ miles of trails and bikeways, 105 tennis courts, five golf courses and four museums.